A&E Industrial Innovation Center

A&E Engineering’s Industrial Innovation Center is an immersive, hands-on learning experience located at A&E Headquarters in Greer, SC. Throughout the Industrial Innovation Center, our full-service capabilities are on display to provide real-world context for the services we offer within our industry.

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Equipment Showcase

Equipment Showcase

We understand the foundational elements required to ensure success in the industrial space. The Equipment Showcase allows you to interact with critical industrial components, such as PLCs, and explore their functionality with our software.

  • Digital Twin
  • IT/OT Convergence
  • AR/VR
  • Machine Learning
  • Factory-to-Cloud
  • IoT
  • Edge Compute
  • Hybrid Cloud
Software Demo Station

Software Demo Station

The Software Demo Station displays real-time software solutions in action through current or completed projects. We walk you through the software “sprint” process from the beginning, additional iterations, and ultimately the final solution at deployment.

The Tour

In this section of the Industrial Innovation Center, we invite visitors to explore different types of hardware they might interact with in the industrial space. This includes:

  • Power Distributors
  • Industrial Cabling
    • Profibus
    • Profinet
  • Industrial Switches
  • PLC’s
  • RFID
    • Tags
    • Readers
    • Antenna
  • RTLS Transponders
  • Sensors

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Industrial Hardware

Discover the interconnection between old-school programming and modern software as they communicate effortlessly within the industrial world. In this section, we display both the hardware and software we utilize for simulations. Our live simulations are fully integrated within hardware, showcasing the flow of communication between components.

The components we utilize in this section are a result of our incredible partner relationships with Siemens and Rockwell.

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Hardware In Action

Here, we take a deep dive into simulations to demonstrate how industrial hardware communicates with the Cloud. We take the virtual world, transform into the physical and turn it all back into the simulated environment within a matter of seconds. We also demonstrate AWS DeviceWise, sending instantaneous signals from the Cloud to sensors and from sensors to the Cloud.

This section also displays the various ways in which we can augment SCADA systems with the Cloud. We have systems that sit side-by-side, communicating through the SCADA and directly to PLCs. With this implementation, we move through the SCADA to give you and your team valuable insights to the status of your operation, including current products, activities, volumes, speeds, and bottlenecks.

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Connecting to the Cloud

Leveraging the power of ML, we can “rewind” your facility to see all the events that occurred to arrive at the current status of you operation. In the same way, once the threshold is met, our Snapshot capabilities can assess and predict future facility outcomes. We also embed shift reports into Snapshot, showing not only predicted outcomes for the end of shift, but also predictions through the end of a week.

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Facility Snapshot

Our team has deep experience in UI/UX and gamification backgrounds. With these skillsets, we are able to create illustrations and visually appealing screens for the factory floor. These screens are web-based and can be deployed to any screen in your facility. Factors for these screens are fully customizable, allowing you to create specific products, as well as quality alerts.

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Modernizing the Shop Floor

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