Case Study

OEE/Downtime Monitoring and Reporting System for a Food & Beverage Plant

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The Client

Large Food Production Company

Capabilities Demonstrated

  • OEE/MES software development
  • HMI software development
  • Reporting software development
  • Database configuration
  • Existing business system integration
  • IT-OT integration
  • PLC programming
  • User training
  • Design documentation


The client wanted to be able to compare production performance (OEE / downtime) across manufacturing plants. This information would be utilized to:

  • Facilitate continuous improvement for the manufacturing teams
  • Keep a pulse on production efficiency at the executive level

They needed to standardize the data collection and reporting of business/production metrics across all facilities in all 3 divisions of the company.


The downtime monitoring and reporting system provides multiple real-time and historical KPIs related to multiple facets of the production facility, including:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Labor efficiency

The system provides operation-level insight and process knowledge that the enterprise can act on.

System Overview

The system collects continuous improvement data from raw material consumption through palletized finished goods production.

Data is collected automatically from the control systems where practical and relies on manual data entry where required.

Downtime states and production counts were added to the control system PLCs to help ensure accurate real-time data.

A single production line spans over 100 yards and includes equipment on multiple floors, requiring multiple operator workstations for data entry and real-time status indicators.

The system accommodates diverging and converging product streams consisting of conveyors, cutters, vibratory feeders, scales, metal detectors, creamers, wrappers, and pick and place robots. Because of the converging/diverging streams and product flow flexibility, the entire bakery line was separated into multiple components for OEE and downtime analysis, while production scheduling was still performed at the bakery line level.

Sepasoft’s OEE/downtime module was used to implement structured data collection, calculations, analysis, and reporting.

Some interesting aspects of this system are that it:

  • Is designed to be adaptable across the enterprise, meaning it can accommodate multiple production lines at multiple sites, in multiple business divisions
  • Integrates with ERP and Time/Attendance systems
  • Integrates controllers using a variety of communication protocols


  • Single-application visibility into real-time business metrics: equipment downtime, product quality, production efficiency, and safety
  • Shift reports that are reviewed at every shift change by the incoming team
  • Visibility into equipment production schedule

Software Developed

  • Browser-based OEE/MES & reporting software (using Inductive Automation Ignition)
  • Operator interface application (HMI)
  • Executive Management dashboard
  • PLC programming for downtime state and production counts

Hardware Utilized

  • Servers (client provided)
  • Network infrastructure (client provided)
  • PLCs (client provided)
  • Panel mounted industrial operator workstations (A&E provided)