Greenfield control system automation for automotive plant – paint process air houses

Problem An automotive manufacturer required a new paint line to increase production capacity and efficiency while improving absorption and removal of contaminants and environmental emissions. The new system required air houses (air houses provide filtered/conditioned air for work space and paint booths and also filter/remove fumes and gases for quality). Solution A&E was contracted by

Portable manufacturing system delivers multi-site production for pharmaceuticals company

Skid-based batch process control system supports increased global market share Problem Our customer needed a way to allow foreign manufacturers to formulate their vaccine in a way that they could ensure would comply with their own manufacturing standards. Solution A&E was a sub-contractor to a prime contractor for this project. The prime contractor delivered the

Manufacturing Control System Upgrade – Batch Process Automation – Liquid Ingredients

Problem Our customer was looking for ways to save on physical labor and material handling costs while improving their supply chain. One of the ingredients used in their manufacturing process is shortening. The process was very manual and prone to operator error. It used solid shortening cubes that required unboxing, unbagging, slicing, weighing, and delivering

Oil Delivery Control System Upgrade at a Baking Facility

Problem This manufacturing facility makes baked goods. Part of the process involves delivering oil and PB (peanut butter) paste from one area to another. The hardware controlling the area was obsolete, not maintainable, and unreliable. There was a high probability of production downtime, affecting the entire bakery.    Solution We upgraded the oil & PB

Factory Automation – Assembly Line Capacity Expansion

Problem Our customer needed to expand their assembly line capacity by 50%. They needed this accomplished without bringing the existing line down for any significant period of time. Solution A&E delivered the control systems needed for much of the automation, particularly the AGC (Automatic Guided Cart) and Andon systems. A&E also provided guidance and technical

Manufacturing Support Equipment Upgrade to Improve Production Quality & Reduce Down Time

The quantity of dust at a consumer products client was impacting production quality and the downtime of the dust collector equipment was too high. The customer needed to replace their dust collectors for process and plant improvement and turned to A&E for the solution.

OEE/Downtime Monitoring and Reporting System for a Food & Beverage Plant

The client wanted to be able to compare production performance (OEE / downtime) across manufacturing plants to facilitate continuous improvement for the manufacturing teams & keep a pulse on production efficiency at the executive level. A&E helped them standardize the data collection and reporting of business/production metrics across all facilities in all 3 divisions of the company.

Multi-plant Control System Upgrade for Improved Production Capacity for a Speciality Chemical Plant

This Fuel Additive plant needed to improve their production capacity and improve the overall reliability of their system. A&E helped by integrating/automating around 300 pieces of new equipment and updating controls for existing equipment and instrumentation.

Enabling Remote Factory Acceptance Testing of an Automation System for a Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer

A major specialty chemicals manufacturer located hundreds of miles away had been working with A&E to implement batch processing automation. Due to lock-down restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, A&E had to pivot their delivery strategy, implementing remote FAT to begin testing and optimization.